Welcome to Global Urbanisms!

This course will examine urban issues and the processes of urbanization in an international context. 

Topics and themes explored will include: the influence of globalization on cities worldwide, and the influential position of cities in the process of globalization (from colonialism to transnational neoliberalization).

The significance of cities for addressing the issue of global climate change.

Comparative perspectives on how cities internationally address pressing challenges such as transportation, housing, and economic development in a post-Fordist economy.

The roles of different cities in a global economy: from command and control centers to the rapidly growing megacities of the global south.

Historical perspectives on global urban development, including the role of certain cities in anchoring and shaping culturally, politically, and economically significant geographic regions.

Uneven development within and among world cities, and the relationship between urbanization and economic and social inequality.

Comparative perspectives on the cultural dimensions of urbanism and urbanization; and the role that culture has in shaping the governance, design, and function of cities worldwide.